Registration conditions

Registration conditions

Car classes:

Each Rally is open to all passenger cars admitted to public roads.

Requirements for car and driver:

All entered cars must have an orderly vehicle registration (registration number) with admission to public roads. Also, each registered vehicle must have a recognized insurance that allows participation in public road traffic. The responsibility for meeting these conditions lies entirely with the entrant.

CCC rallies take place on public roads. All drivers must hold a valid driving license and comply with all road traffic regulations under all circumstances. Again, full responsibility lies with the individual drivers.

CCC Rally will not be liable in any way for damage caused or incurred before, during or after participation in one of our rallies.

Classification test & ban on time measurement devices:

A rally has sometimes one (or more) special tests. On a specially prepared and closed circuit, all participating crews must drive a special stage with various tasks. Although the fastest (and faultless!) time determines the result, these tests are designed so that precision is a much more important factor than speed. Every mistake, hitting the pylons or not correctly carrying out an assignment, results in penalty seconds.

Use of data & images

During our events we take photo and video images of you, your passengers, and your vehicle. We use these images for our own purposes. If you come across images of yourself which you do not wish to be published, please let us know and we will remove them immediately.


In all cases where these regulations do not provide, CCC Rally BV has the freedom to make a, unquestionable, decision at its own discretion.

Good luck & have fun: