Rally Features

What features (missions) can you expect during our rally

Each rally starts with a briefing of the participating teams (driver and navigator). We explain the functions of the app, check if the download of the app was successful and activate the “Road Book” in the app. Teams must fulfil various “tasks” during the rally:

Checkpoints: Signs along the route, (from easy to difficult to spot) with a letter-digit code.

Photo Recognition Points: You will receive an overview with the photo scenes to be recognized along the way. These photo scenes are provided with a code (2 letters & 2 numbers). As soon as you recognize a photo scene, enter the corresponding code in the app immediately.

Flashback questions: are (pop up) questions that (sometimes) appear in the app after entering a checkpoint. Flashback questions (multiple choice) are about situations you have recently passed. The time to answer flashback questions is limited.

Rally quiz: A quiz on location after the finish. Task: try to answer as many questions as possible (Multiple choice) correctly in each time frame. If you don’t know a question, guess (!) and continue as soon as possible with the next question.


Average Speed Tests: Average Speed Tests: AST tests are challenging to drive. In AST tests, you must try to drive as exactly as possible the target average speed over the coming (unknown) route. An AST test requires good teamwork between driver and navigator and a feel for the speed driven.

Special stages: On special stages (on a closed terrain), a certain route must be followed as quickly and without mistakes as possible. However, (!) the lay-out of these routes is such that not speed but precision is the only key to success.

Car of the day: is a feature where all participants choose the most beautiful participating car of a rally. All photos of participating cars will appear in the app. All crews will choose the “Car of the day” at the end of the rally.

Live Battle: All “tasks” earn points. They form your personal score. All personal scores are immediately processed in an up-to-date classification which all crews can view continuously while driving the rally. The Rally thus unfolds into an exciting “live battle“.