CCC Cabrio Club

CCC Convertible Club

  • 5 wonderful Road trips per year
  • All Road trips, only in nice weather
  • Challenging rally ambience
  • Pleasant gastronomic stops
  • Membership €. 10,00 per year
  • Our rally-app is available in four languages (D – E – F – NL)

Become a member of the CCC Convertible Club and drive 5 times a year a wonderful road trip through beautiful landscapes, combined with an exciting rally ambiance. Meet new people and enjoy pleasant gastronomic stops.

Become a member:

All convertible owners are welcome to join the CCC Convertible Club. The club debuts in 2022 and therefore still must grow. When you register for the first time, you do not have to pay anything yet. However, you will receive up-to-date information by e-mail, and you will be registered as a candidate member. Only when the number of candidate members has risen above 50, you will receive a call to transfer €. 5,00 on one of the 3 following account numbers of CCC Rally.

  • B / KBC Bank: IBAN: BE69 7310 4667 7078
  • D / Aachener Bank: IBAN: DE17 3906 0180 1326 6470 19
  • NL / ING Bank: IBAN: NL74 INGB 0008 9160 92

Please mention “membership CCC Cabrio Club” on the transfer. And please mention your name, address, vehicle, and language (!) You will then receive by return, by mail, a confirmation of your membership, the Road trip calendar and all other information in your own language.

Membership costs €. 10,00 per year. A one-time registration fee of €. 5.00 is charged upon registration. Only on the 1st of January after that, the annual membership fee will be calculated. Downloading the CCC Rally app is free of charge.

In addition, each member pays the participation fee (per Convertible) to each Road trip in which they participate. CCC Rally organizes 5 Road trips for its members every year in the period mid-April to mid-October.

All Road trips are only made on good weather days so that everyone can fully enjoy the convertible. The Road trips are planned in the winter months but will only be put on the calendar as soon as the weather gods are in our favor.

Road trip dates and registration:

A Road trip must have at least 25 participating crews. Members can indicate at the end of each year in which regions they would like to have a Road trip in the coming year (most preference votes). CCC Rally will organize these Road trips in the winter months prior to the new year. From mid-April onwards, we closely follow the weather reports in these regions. If good weather is predicted, we come into action very quickly. We announce the Road trip and those who suit the date, register. If there is sufficient interest (25 Teams), you only then pay your registration fee.

The Rally ambience and the gastronomic aspect

Each Road trip consists of 2 parts:

The competitive part: On the route of each Road trip, several tasks are set out (the rally). All participating crews are connected to each other via our unique rally-app and fight each time in a “live battle” for the rally victory. The entry fees for the “Rally” are determined by the region in which it is to be held (the further from home, the more expensive). All entry fees are announced in advance, at the start of the season.

Gastronomic part: All costs for the gastronomic part, including lunch on the road, dinner afterwards and possible hotel costs (if the region is geographically further away) are “man’s account”. This means that CCC Rally will look for suitable restaurants and hotels in advance, but everyone pays his own costs on the spot.

The prepared 5 Road trip regions for 2022 are:

€ 49,50 per cabrio
(Heuvelland - Wallonië)
€ 49,50 per cabrio
(Eifel – Schleiden)
€ 49,50 per cabrio
(St. Vith – Luxemburg)
Bergisches Land
€ 49,50 per cabrio
(Bensberg – Nümbrecht)
€ 54,50 per cabrio
(Bad Berleburg – Bad Laasphe)